Dishpan Pie had a fine December of performances. The group played at the Pixy Theatre in Edinburgh, IN on the 17th and were spot on with their three part harmonies. The audience was very appreciative and many emailed the band the next day. Dishpan Pie hopes the Pixy Theatre will book the band again for a spring or summer performance. 

 The next evening, December 18, the group performed for a 50 member Sunday school class again in Edinburgh. Again their vocals were near perfect with their trademark three part harmony. Kent said the performance was as close to perfect as any show they did this year. The audience was wonderful. The band is sure that they will be booked again by this Sunday school class. 

Back on Monday, December 5th, the group was asked to perform for an antique club from Columbus, IN but Dee had prior plans and could not make it. Kent and Marianne though went and gave them a husband and wife show of folk songs, shape note songs, and Christmas songs. Here are a few comments made by audience members who heard the performance at the Pixy Theatre.

Jane Edwards said,  ”I so enjoyed your program…..however I always do enjoy your wonderful blended voices”

Mary Marg Kellam said,  ”We come to see and hear and have a foot-tappin time. The Home Place is sad, but your voices are a joy to hear.”

Rick and Sherry Wilson said,  ”I am very glad we finally got to see you perform. Sherry and I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for coming to Edinburgh and I hope you will come back to the Pixy again.”

Bonnie Wilcoxson said,  ”We keep coming back to hear you because of the old pieces, even the ones that make us cry. I am glad you did the Home Place and Kent’s West VA. Mining Disaster song just gives me goosebumps.
                                    Missed hearing Going to the West and Early, and …..I could go on and on. We love so much of your music”

Dishpan Pie loves their followers and hopes that in 2012 they can get more folks to join in the following. The band wants to wish everyone a great Christmas holiday 
season. They hope to see old friends and new followers in the coming months.


Dishpan Pie recently had a very successful two hour performance in Plainfield, IN ( Indy suburb) at the Grape Festival at the Chateau Thomas Winery. Everyone was complimentary and enjoyed the music. The group’s vocals were as crisp and tight as any performance in some time.

On September 24th, Kent and Marianne brought the popular and professional old time string band, The Hogwire String band, to their home for a two hour house concert. The excellent band features well-known fiddler, Brad Leftwich. Brad has studied fiddling with all the old time greats….Tommy Jarrell, Fred Cockerham, Dix Freeman, and other NC mountains legends. Brad has been in many bands and teaches fiddling all over the USA with the help of his wife and banjo player, Linda Higginbotham. Brad and Linda’s Hogwire String band also includes fine guitar player and old time musician Joel Lensch, and stand up bass player/singer Marielle Abell. All of them live now in Bloomington, IN but they perform all over the country at clubs, festivals, and folks’ living rooms. Twenty five friends of the Lockmans filled their old country home and enjoyed the great night of down-home music.

Dishpan Pie went to Norris, TN to the Museum of Appalachia’s  ”TN Homecoming Festival”. There they met up with their old North Carolina friends and bandmates, Linda Cabe and Joey Neal to play the weekend as the Cobbler Gobblers. The band hopes to have pictures for you all soon. The festival has five music stages and countless old mountain crafts being demonstrated. The old time fried pies were to die for…..(the lard crust will probably do that!).

Now that Kent has retired and has his good health back, the band is ready to get back to performing. Their first performance will be at the Under the Sun Cafe in Whiteland, IN on November 12th. The band has performed there in the past and always gets a fine welcome from the cafe and their patrons. Watch for this show on the schedule.

Well that is all the news from the band at this time. Keep coming back to this website for further updates on news, performances, and other events involving the group.


After 35 years of teaching young children to read in public schools, Kent is calling it a career. He will now have time to work daily on new music for the band and work to find new venues to perform for Dishpan Pie. Performance offers are coming in for fall concerts. The band played recently for a pancake breakfast fundraiser in Columbus, IN. Kent talking to his daughter said,”We might as well have been playing in Hell!” Unbelievable heat and humidity was a problem for the band who has now vowed to scrutinize all outdoor performance offers. The band will be at the FigTree Gallery and Coffeehouse on Thursday, August 11th from 7 – 9 p.m. The group is looking forward to playing comfortably in an AC inside venue.

The band has not been to any festivals lately and was not asked to play at the Metamora Old Time Music Festival that is upcoming. The band feels like the Metamora folks owes them an invite after last year’s problems. The only other news related to the band is that Kent and Marianne’s daughter, Kate, gave birth to a 7lb. 1 oz. girl and named her Jane Abigail. Eric, Jane’s dad, is the creator and web master for Dishpan Pie’s website. Dishpan Pie hopes to see lots of friends and new folks at the FigTree Gallery on August 11th.


The 40th Fiddlers’ Convention at Mt. Airy as come and gone. Dishpan Pie did not make the annual trip to this great festival this year to play with their old North Carolina pals, Joey Neal and Linda Cabe as the Cobbler Gobblers. Kent’s recent stay in the hospital for a potassium deficiency and a medicine change kept him home this June. Dee Capozzi the third member of Dishpan Pie did make the trip however and had a good time. She didn’t bring home any trophies, but brought a new banjo instead. Kent and Marianne did play each night at home during the Mt. Airy weekend on their two new banjos; a 1920 Orpheum #1 and a custom Kevin Enoch banjo ordered nearly six years ago. These new instruments will most likely work their way into future Dishpan Pie performances.

Because of Kent’s medical woes and his daughter’s approaching motherhood, the band has not performed much this spring. The band is currently working on new tunes and songs and getting ready to start filling up dates to perform this summer and fall. After the birth of the their new granddaughter in the next two weeks, Marianne and Kent will start confirming performance dates with venues. Several venues have requested a performance dates, but the band hasn’t set any in stone. Watch the website here throughout the summer for where the band is playing. A new venue will be in Hope, IN on various Fridays. The band would like to return to the Bread Ladies where they haven’t performed in nearly a year. Of course the band hopes to see lots of you at one of those upcoming performances. Have a great summer and remember music makes you smarter.


Dishpan Pie was joined by fiddler Joey Neal and banjoist Linda Cabe from North Carolina March 31 and April 1 for performances as the group, The Cobbler Gobblers. Both performances were enjoyed by large enthusiastic audiences. Folks got to hear the Gobblers all playing the banjo at one time in the shows on a tune called Georgia Buck. The performance at the Under the Sun Cafe helped bring folks to the cafe to raise money for their ministry and to perpetuate their serving the hungry.

The concert at the Strand Theatre in Shelbyville too was very successful. The music was tremendous in the fine acoustics of the theatre. Over 180 people came to hear the band play a concert of two hours on Appalachian music. Ticket sales raised quite a nice sum of money for the theatre’s renovation and upkeep funds. Hopefully the Cobbler Gobblers will be back next October for another big concert at the Strand and some other hoosier venues. The band would like to thank all of you who follow Dishpan Pie and the Gobblers music. They love to see familiar faces in their audiences. The support for the band has been wonderful. Hope to see you all at a future concert this summer. Keep an eye on the dates in the website here so you know where the band will be. Enjoy the beautiful spring weather and see Dishpan Pie when you can.


Tickets for the Cobbler Gobblers (Dishpan Pie + two NC musicians) April 1st concert at the Strand Theatre in Shelbyville, IN can be purchased from Dishpan Pie members or by going to the following Shelbyville, businesses.

Mac’s Music 7 S.Pike St. Three Sisters’ Bookstore on the public square Sanders Jewelry N. Harrison St. just one block from the public square Mickey’s T-Mart corner of S. Harrison St. and Colescott St. Strand Theatre box office on 215 S. Harrison St.

Ticket prices are $7 whether purchase in advance or at the door. Concert starts at 7:30. Dishpan Pie hopes to see lots of you there for an evening of down-home musical fun!


Dishpan Pie has been working hard lately on new material for upcoming performances. The weather and health issues have kept their public performing sparse so far this year. However, the band just heard from the Chateau Thomas Winery in Plainfield, IN and from Muddy Boots Cafe in Nashville, IN about possible shows. This month the band will be playing several private concerts and a benefit at the first part of April. The most important performance they are preparing for is one at the Strand Theatre in Shelbyville, IN on Friday, April 1st as the Cobbler Gobblers. Fiddler Joey Neal and banjoist Linda Cabe from North Carolina will be joining Dishpan Pie to form the Cobbler Gobblers for three days of music making. The Gobblers played the Strand two autumns ago to an enthusiastic audience. The band would love to see most of their fan following show up at the Strand because the proceeds go to the theatre for upkeep and constant renovation. The acoustics in the theatre are absolutely wonderful and this concert would be a very good one to attend. Lots of humor and mountain anecdotes, twin fiddle tunes, and Dishpan Pie’s usual tight three part harmony will highlight the show. Tickets in advance and at the door are the same…..$7. And the performance starts at 7:30. Check the schedule of performances for the address and website for theatre information. Or contact Dishpan Pie at . Dishpan Pie hopes to see all of their friends and music fans at this special concert. Come relax and say howdy to their North Carolina bandmates.


Dishpan Pie had a merry Christmas and found some time to rehearse some old and new songs and tunes for upcoming 2011 performances. Santa was good to both Dee and Marianne by bringing them new banjos. The group is still considering spring studio time to produce their own CD. And as of this writing, Dishpan Pie has not heard definitively from Joey Neal and Linda Cabe of North Carolina about meeting for a late March or early April weekend of concerts here in Indiana as the Cobbler Gobblers. The band promises to keep everyone posted. The band hopes to see you all soon in 2011.


Dishpan Pie saw many friends and fans at a fine public performance at the Under the Sun Cafe on November 6th. So far all of their December performances are private parties and Christmas open houses. The band will take advantage of a holiday slow down to work on some new tunes and songs they have been wanting to learn and polish. Dee has abandoned learning the fiddle and has successfully taken up playing the old time banjo. She is presently awaiting her second banjo to arrive in the mail.

Dishpan Pie is seriously considering recording their own CD this spring. And the band is anxiously waiting to hear if Linda Cabe and Joey Neal from North Carolina will travel north to Indiana this spring to play with Dishpan Pie as the Cobbler Gobblers on March 31 and April 1-2. The band hopes you will come back often in the coming year and check the website here to see where Dishpan Pie is performing and other news from the band. The band wishes all of their friends and musical followers a happy Thanksgiving and great Christmas holiday season. They hope to see you all at a 2011 performance.


Steve Cabe, Dishpan Pie’s good friend and husband of Cobbler Gobbler band member Linda Cabe passed away on October 27 after a long illness. Dishpan Pie made a long weekend trip to Franklin, North Carolina to sing and attend his funeral service. The band said goodbye to their friend on a hillside cemetery overlooking the beautiful Nantahala Mountains. Steve Cabe will be missed by many people.


Dishpan Pie got the official word from their southern bandmates that they are not traveling to Indiana for the upcoming Strand Theatre and Fig Tree Gallery performances. Serious illness is keeping them at home this fall in North Carolina. Dishpan Pie will perform both concerts in their absence. The Fig Tree show is Thursday, October 21 in Helmsburg, IN from 7 – 9 pm. The Strand Theatre concert will be the next night October 22 starting at 7:30 p.m. Ticket prices for the Strand performance will be announced and half of the admission proceeds will be going to Steve and Linda Cabe in North Carolina to help defray medical expenses. Hope to both new and old Dishpan Pie friends and fans at one of these two performances.


Dishpan Pie has been busy late in the summer and early fall. The group had a fine performance at the Under the Sun Cafe in Whiteland, IN at the end of August. The trio then performed at a quaint Indiana old time music festival in early September and then had a very successful three hour concert evening at the Chateau Thomas Winery in Plainfield, IN. The following weekend, the band performed an hour public concert for the Shelbyville Senior Services at the Strand Theatre. The acoustics at the Strand were wonderful and a near perfect performance brought the group many compliments and new fan interest. On Saturday that week Dishpan Pie donned their pioneer garb and performed an hour set at the Blue River Valley Pioneer Fair. Since then the band has received many emails, FaceBook comments, and even phone calls from folks wanting to know where and when the band will be performing again.

The band now has a few weeks off to practice and perfect new songs and tunes before their bandmates from NC visit Indiana in late October. The “big” band, the Cobbler Gobblers will perform at the Fig Tree Gallery in Helmsburg on October 21 and then a full concert the next night, October 22 back at the Strand Theatre in Shelbyville. On Saturday, October 23 they will be playing a lunch set at the Bread Ladies Cafe in Greenfield, IN

Though, at this time, the Cobbler Gobbler performances are set, there is a strong possibility that Dishpan Pie might have to do the three performances without their NC bandmates. Banjoist Linda Cabe’s husband is, as of this writing, gravely ill with cancer. The band asks that you call the venue numbers listed in the website schedule to know if the Gobblers or Dishpan Pie will be performing the shows. For those who are wishing to see The Cobbler Gobblers, Dishpan Pie is sorry if indeed their bandmates can not travel to IN. The band will try to keep everyone posted here on the website.

Dishpan Pie has performed quite often this summer and is very appreciative of their followers who faithfully attended their shows. As new performances are booked the band hopes to see all their old fans and many new ones at one of their upcoming concerts.


Dishpan Pie performed at two of their old haunts…..the Muddy Boots and the Bread Ladies Cafe to enthusiastic
audiences. Most of July was spent by band members with family and friends, or on vacations. Dee Capozzi is in the southern mountains as this is being written with her new Bart Reiter banjo. There are many performances upcoming in the next three months.

The Blue River Valley Pioneer Fair in Shelbyville, IN is back after a nine year absence. Dishpan Pie will perform from 2 – 3 p.m. Saturday September 18 at the Pioneer Fair. No word yet if any of the band members will be doing a pioneer craft.

The band is very excited about being asked to play for the Metamora Folk Festival on Labor Day weekend in quaint Metamora, IN; Saturday September 4th at 4:15 on the main stage. Too, the band will be back at
the Under the Sun Cafe in Whiteland, IN for a return engagement before their friends from North Carolina return in October to do a weekend of Cobbler Gobbler concerts.

There will be many opportunities for friends and folks to hear the band this fall. Keep an eye on the schedule page of this website. Dishpan Pie hopes to see you all up the road at an upcoming performance.


Dishpan Pie is back and performing at the Kopper Kettle Restaurant in Morristown, Indiana Friday, June 18th at 7 p.m. This performances is a dinner/concert in the courtyard and reservations are required. Check the band’s dates page for the phone number and website for the famous Kopper Kettle Restaurant and make your reservation. The band hopes you all have a great summer and catch one of their performances down the road sometime.


Dishpan Pie journeyed to Mt. Airy, North Carolina recently. They joined their old time music friends from North Carolina to form the Cobbler Gobblers. The 39th annual Mt. Airy Fiddlers’ Convention was held and the Gobblers entered the string band contest. The weather was extremely hot that weekend, but the band played their tunes well. Friends who heard them, said that their tunes were as ‘tight” as they had ever heard the band play. Kent reached a personal high when the band asked him to twin fiddle Little Dutch Girl on Saturday night. He went to the stage a bit worried, but came off the stage elated that he performed without a bobble. Dee spent most of her time enthusiastically studying banjos. She plans on taking up the instrument soon. Marianne thumped the bass and tried to stay cool in the excessive heat. Dishpan Pie regretted having to leave the mountains and return to Indiana, but there will be next June.


In April Dishpan Pie had two wonderful performances. A room full of old friends and new ones filled the Figtree Gallery in Helmsburg to hear the group. Everyone including Dishpan PIe had a fun filled spring evening of music. The group will be back at the Figtree Gallery in October as the Cobbler Gobblers.

On May 1 at the Guyer Opera House in Lewisville, IN, the trio performed a near perfect vocal concert; the best, sharpest performance of the year. The group was a little disappointed that more of their usual following was not in the audience to hear this sterling performance. If you missed the concert in this great acoustic venue, Dishpan Pie will be back at the Guyer in September for a fall festival concert with the time and date to be announced. Watch the website here for the date.

The trio performed very little here in May opting to do other things needed to get spring gardens, lawns, school, and other things off on the right foot. Dishpan Pie will travel to the Mt. Airy Fiddlers’ Convention in June to compete in the stringband contest with their NC friends as the Cobbler Gobblers then return home to perform at the famous Kopper Kettle Restaurant in Morristown, IN on June 18 for a dinner/concert. Those of you who want to catch their performance at the Kettle need to make reservations. Fine homestyle cooking will be served first at 6 p.m. followed by Dishpan Pie’s concert at 7 p.m. The number for the Kopper Kettle Restaurant in Morristown is listed on the group’s schedule on this site.

The band hopes to see lots of old friends throughout the summer at their performances.


Well, March was a month of strong performances by Dishpan Pie. Their shows at the Under the Sun Cafe’ and the Guyer Opera House were very successful for fine large audiences; many of whom purchased CDs from the band.

Dishpan Pie recently hit the road and travelled south to the mountains and South Carolina to play music with their Cobbler Gobbler bandmates, Joey Neal and Linda Cabe. They had three great days of Joey’s fine southern cooking, gruesome and intriguing crime stories from Linda’s hubby Steve who is a homicide detective for the FBI and NCBI, and hours of fine rousing old time music lead by two fiddles. Dishpan Pie plans to play as the Cobbler Gobblers in Mt. Airy, NC in June at a great spring fiddlers convention.

Dishpan Pie is now home and looking forward to some April performances. It is their hope that their fine fan following will travel to Lewisville, IN ,10 miles east of Greenfield on US40, on May 1st for the band’s return to the Guyer Opera House. The band will present a two hour concert to raise renovation funds for the historic opera house. The old building has marvelous acoustics that will enhance the tight three part vocals of the band. Seating is limited and refreshments and dessert will be served. Click the dates icon for ticket prices, curtain time, and phone numbers to reserve seating. Again, the band hopes many of their fine following will be in the audience for this special concert at the Guyer.

If you check the Figtree Gallery and Coffeehouse website you will notice that April 22nd’s performance says “Once N Awhile Stringband/bluegrass”. That was Dishpan Pie’s old moniker when they were a quartet; and, the genre of music isn’t bluegrass. The band will help the Figtree get it all corrected soon.

Finally, there is a rumor that Dishpan Pie is considering recording a new CD in the near future. This album would be just the trio and not include their Cobbler Gobbler band members. Meanwhile, Dishpan Pie hopes to see you all at one of their performances down the road sometime soon.


March and April are shaping up to be busy musical months for Dishpan Pie. The cold and snow of January and February was not good for the music business. However, Dishpan Pie did get a lot of  rehearsal time and have several new songs and tunes ready to go now. The January and February performances at at the Bread Ladies Cafe in Greenfield, IN went very well. The February show had a small audience turnout, but the folks and good friends/family who came to listen to the group were enthusiastic and made the evening a great one for the band. There are no Bread Ladies Cafe performances on the current schedule, but that is expected to change very soon.

One upcoming performance in Nashville, IN at the Muddy Boots Cafe had to be rescheduled in April. The band is looking forward to their April dates in rustic Brown County at Muddy Boots and the Figtree Gallery.

The band’s good friend and Cobbler Gobbler bandmate, Joey Neal spent a long week in merry old England in February playing old time music with the Slate Mt. Ramblers from NC while Gobbler banjoist, Linda Cabe kept Dishpan PIe up to date on Joey’s travels with daily emails.

Dishpan Pie hopes folks who follow them will come to two new venues…the Under the Sun Cafe in Whteland, IN and the Guyer Opera House in Lewisville, IN.  They hope to start a good audience following in those areas of central Indiana. Just keep an eye on the website calendar and enjoy a spring evening with Dishpan Pie and their music. The band hopes to see lots of you down the road sometime soon.


Dishpan Pie is finished for 2009. The trio had several private Christmas performances in December. They brought out some old songs from years past for the holiday. Tex Logan’s Christmas Time’s A’Comin’ and Dillon Bustin’s The Cranberry Bogs were added to each concert. Dishpan Pie then took some time off and celebrated the holiday, and are now ready to fervently get back to work on new musical material and bookings for 2010.

Thank you to you folks who purchased a CD from the band in 2009. Requests for the Cobbler Gobbler “Eat More Cobbler, Play More Tunes” disc were many right before Christmas.

Santa was very good to Marianne this Christmas. She received a Mike Ramsey ‘Electric’ banjo from the dude in the red suit! She must have been a good folksinger this year.

The Lockman’s son-in-law and web master has taken up the guitar. Check the gallery of pictures sometime soon and catch a glimpse of Eric Basti playing his guitar with his Lockman in-laws during their Christmas visit in Indiana.

The band is looking forward to the new-year, new songs/tunes, and new places to perform. Friends of the band, James Oblack and his fine lady Betsy are now the new owners of The Muddy Boots Café in Nashville, IN. So look forward to a Dishpan Pie monthly engagement at The Muddy Boots. They kick off 2010’s performance schedule with an evening at The Bread Ladies Café in Greenfield, IN (their music home away from home) on January 29th. Keep coming back to the website for news and the band hopes to see both old and new faces in their audiences this winter. Stay warm and stay healthy.


Thank you again to all of you who attended performances, bought CDs, and sent kind emails to us after the recent Cobbler Gobbler mini-tour of Indiana and all the performances Dishpan PIe had this year. We have had requests for more CDs, the old time dishpan pie recipe, and the chord progression to one of the songs we did in performance. The band does enjoy hearing from you all. The band has slowed down a bit this month and will do just a few private performances with a few added Christmas songs mingled with their regular repertoire. If you are interested in booking the band in December for a holiday performance do so soon. The holiday season is usually a very busy time for all. Dishpan Pie will resume an active performance schedule in January after the new year. Check the site often and see where we are performing. Weather is always a factor so call the band or venue if you have a question concerning a performance cancellation.

Dishpan Pie hopes everyone that heard and met them this past year has a safe and healthy Thanksgiving this month. Try some old fashioned dishpan pie with turkey. The band will send you the recipe!

Performance Dates: